Diract It “Our software, your solution”

Diract IT is a company that develops software solutions. With a strong focus on retail, distribution and management software solutions, Diract IT is a company with a wide range of customers. 

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Developing software is one of the core activities of our business. But it is not the only thing we do. Besides software development we offer several services which support your business processes .

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Dutch Intelligence group

Dutch Intelligence Group (DIG) develops innovative web- and business concepts. For customers, and also as entrepreneurs on DIG partners’ account. Innovation and creativity are core, but go accompanied with a hands-on, solution directed approach.

DIG supplies business solutions, advice and implementation in the following areas: Business Intelligence, e-Commerce, Online Communities and Concepts- , Product- and services innovation.

IFS Finance (Financial administration & control)

IFS Finance has ample financial and administrative expertise. Through cooperation and interaction with the customers IFS finds innovative solutions for improved results, which do not have to be limited to measurement in money terms. Preference is to work on the customers’ location, to get a better feeling what’s essential for your organization and to enforce the interchange of information.

In addition to taking care of the administration and the annual accounts, often IFS Finance also has the role of financial sparring partner for the entrepreneur.  

ID Insite (Development company)

ID Insite is the development unit of IFS, delivering innovative financial and administrative solutions. 

Parentix (Hosting & provisioning)

Parentix is the number one 100% Windows based Application Service Hosting Provider in The Netherlands, efficiently and adequately solving ICT issues with innovative total solutions.

Offering unique software solutions and highly reliable state-of-the-art hosting services.

Exact Online

Beegua is certified Exact partner for both Exact Online and Exact Globe Next.

Beegua has a standard connection with the Exact applications,  translating all data from these environments to clear dashboards.

You can find Beegua in the Exact App center, in the Solution Area “Reporting”.



Beegua is software-partner of TwinField, supplier of online bookkeeping software.

Beegua has a standard connection to TwinField, translating all data to her dashboards.

U can find Beegua under “TWINAPPS”.