CFO / Financial manager / Controller

As a finance manager or controller , management team and executive board are important internal customers. You want to provide them with timely, reliable and relevant management control information. With Beegua you have adequate insight in budgets, actuals and forecasts.

You can analyze and highlight the information, and advice your colleagues and internal customers.

Franchise Organizations & branch businesses

Franchisees and franchise/unit managers focus on customers and business development. Focus is not on administration. Head Office or Franchisor can and offer the required support in this area. Grip and control by supplying the relevant information to the establishments, what goes right and what must go better,  by benchmarking with affiliates, etc. 

Franchisors and Head Offices can have all the required steering information without implementing expensive and time consuming business intelligence solutions. Beegua dashboards per unit in combination with the Multi-Company add-on provide each unit with the insight in its own performance whilst also rendering benchmarking info and overviews of the total group performance.