When Maurice Winkel started five years ago with Gordijnen.nl, his accountant Mart Meijer was surprised about the rapid growth of this company. Since then, Mart has the challenge to meet the need for structured information. Bring order into the growing amount of data, so that the business insight and control is available in just a few mouse clicks. So Maurice can confidently focus on the business strategy.

Beegua as THE tool for the accountant

Mart explains that a good entrepreneur is not always financially literate: "The processing of orders, viewany sales in any country is achieved, how costs are to be made, what the margins are, what he deservesevery single one of things that an entrepreneur often lies awake, especially if the company groeit.This is where Beegua starts to play its role, as a tool for the accountant to service its customers. As from 2009 I started automating the whole information process for Gordijnen.nl.

Only relevant information

Beegua allows all financial transactions to be read automatically, in such a way that only the deviations are traced. This saves man-days of recurring detective work. This also applies to deviations in revenue and budget.Moreover, Maurice can now prepare a number of scenarios, from Best to Worst Case scenario's. Beegua truly visualizes the developmentline that the company makes, and sets an alarm when limits are exceeded.

Optimal alignment

The advantage of working with Beegua is that the number of contacts between accountant and entrepreneur increases. Any problems are visible on both sides at the same time, so that immediate action can be taken. 

The contact between the accountant and the entrepreneur is much more direct and more accessible than before, when they saw each other only 2-3 times a year. The entrepreneur was forced on that specific moment to think of any questions he might have. Now the service of the accountant is optimally and continuously adapted to the needs of the entrepreneur. The justification of hourly accountancy rates is therefore much easier.

True added value

With Beegua the accountant no longer acts just as a protection-shield, but more as an auxiliary to the future. Understanding the company creates genuine interest in the product. Looking ahead together, that is what truly adds value.