Since 2007 Jurgen de Jonge and Nico Lord run a very successful online fashion business. When McGregor and Gaastra approached them to exclusively resell their famous brands online, this was a big challenge but also raised a great need for structured information .

Beegua offers them the opportunity to make analyzes and connect all relevant information for the company This saves huge amounts of time and enables them to respond to the latest trends.

"Working with Beegua is really super convenient "

Administrative paperwork

The administration of McGregor and Gaastra is done in Germany. From there, Jurgen only gets data on paper: "The information may be complete, and if you start working on it intensively, turns out to be correct, but this is a time consuming task . Moreover, I missed crucial information. It was difficult to identify trends, make comparisons to previous years and to tune the budgets.''

Part of this information reached Jurgen , but too late to be of value. He received Excell pivot tables via Hamburg-Germany, which were soon outdated. To process the identified changes meant returning them to Hamburg and wait and see .

Beegua connecting to our logistics application

Beegua anticipated on this. With our focus on getting clearer insights of our online shop, Beegua was connected to our entire logistics application. This created the opportunity to use Beegua as the basis of all our analyzes, to take our core business as the starting point of our strategic process. Jurgen : " The large amounts of data now appear in no time on my screen. Excell belongs to the past. For example, I now can easily see which products, from where, when and why they are returned and take immediate and tailored actions. "

" Beegua offers the possibility to make analyzes and to connect all the relevant information for the company"

Using relevant information

"Based on the current updates I get immediate insight in where the need is , I can anticipate on the trends and adjust our stocks . As a result, the number of returns decreases visibly. It's amazing how Beegua works in my favor ! "

Expanding the possibilities

''In order to get full depth it would be desirable to integrate all of the information that is relevant for webshops in general, and for Gaastra and McGregor in particular. These include the connection of the webshop to information in the field of finance, fulfillment, other webshops and Google information. This, in addition to the connection to our logistics application. There has been interest for this from our subsidiaries in Germany ''.

Contacts with Beegua

Jurgen de Jonge is very positive about the relationship with Beegua :

  • The helpdesk is accessible
  • The guidance is fantastic
  • They know their business
  • Rapid succession
  • Pragmatic
  • Reliable