The people behind Beegua have a profound background and expertise in accounting and finance. From this base we have a longstanding tradition of supporting accounting and  administration firms in identifying possibilities and realizing those. Based upon a combination of accounting expertise and market knowledge.

Enhancing the quality of your support and advice to customers

Beegua enables you to make professional management reports and overviews for your customers in a very efficient manner. You will gain new insights in the performance of your customers, offering you additional handles for different and more tailor made advice, focusing on the contents and the facts behind the figures. You will surprise your customers and prospects in a positive way, thus improving your competitive profile versus other firms.


One version of the truth

Many accountants still make use of spreadsheets for overviews and reporting. Spreadsheets are labor intensive and costly to maintain, where safeguarding information integrity is a challenge. A waste of your time!

Beegua always connects to the same data source, guaranteeing you that you will always have one version of the truth in your organization and communications.